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From The Desk of Creflo Dollar:

This is more than just a website. This is an interactive study, that we at Creflo Dollar Ministries, have built with you in mind. The study is based on the principle that the Word is alive and active and that through the hearing, reading, writing, and confession of God’s Word in our lives you will experience change in your life.

My desire was to create a personalized experience where you and I can sit down each day and share the Word together. I am going to speak the Word of God over you in each of the daily video messages and believe that these seeds are being planted in your Spirit and your circumstances. My Staff and I at Creflo Dollar Ministries believe in you and know that this study will be a blessing to you. Enjoy!

The three areas of change are:
  • Family and Relationships
  • Finances
  • Spiritual Growth
Creflo Dollar